One of The Best Ways to Attract Women and Have Them Pursue You

“If she thinks you wish her too much, you’re traveling to lose your leverage.” – Carlos Xuma

Movies and accompany accept led us to accept that if you’re absorbed in a girl, you accept to DESPERATELY accompany her, yield her out to big-ticket dinners, buy her things, and absorb bags of money on her to affect her and get her absorbed in you.

Sure, that ability plan on a gold coquette who just wants your money.

But that’s not how to go about alluring the ‘perfect’ babe to you.


Because, not alone do you appear beyond as beggared and desperate, but if a woman knows she’s got your absorption already it raises her amount and power.

Okay, so you apperceive you SHOULDN’T absorb a lot of money on a babe or badly accompany her to win her affection…

So how do you allure a babe to you and accept her hunt you?

Be a challenge

One of the best agency to accomplish women or girls hunt you is to be a challenge.

What this beggarly is that, instead of calling a babe all the time and accepting too available… acting atoning in adjustment not to affront a girl… affairs things for a babe to amuse her… and accomplishing all the wimpish things in the hopes that a babe brand you… DO THE OPPOSITE.

Don’t be a hopeless adventurous or appearance too abundant interest. Instead, strive to display adorable MANLY mannerisms and behaviors to cull her to you.

In simple words, make girls hunt you by advantage of your adorable personality. That is, accomplish her accept fun about you, including mini-dating with her. Accept affecting accordant conversations with her. Be funny and accomplish her laugh, authenticate aplomb and dominance, etc…

… but DO NOT badly accompany her like a lot of guys.

Stand out in an adorable way

You see, adorable women or appealing girls are acclimated to accepting guys badly advancing them. But if you are aloof to a woman, you accord her the consequence that you’re the cost and hence, YOU ARE the one account pursuing.

This makes you admired and accomplishing to her.

But accept this: You don’t wish to act too abundant DISINTERESTED. Because when there’s no absorption on your part, the woman will not feel the charge to hunt you.

So what I acclaim is to accurate your desire. Let her apperceive you acquisition her attractive, and you’re not abashed to accomplish a move. Here, you will mini-date with her, coquette with her, accord her some attention, etc.

But don’t DESPERATELY accompany her.

SUBTLY appearance interest, but leave her academic and apprehensive whether you’re absorbed in her or not.

Convey to her you accept options, and you can airing abroad any time. Especially if she’s acting b!tchy or plays harder to get.

That’s if the CHASE begins.

If you auspiciously actualize allure and you act as if you’re not absorbed in her, she will be bedeviled over you and will be absorbed on accepting you. Because, not alone are you NOT badly advancing her like a lot of guys, but you actualize the personality ancestry that makes you adorable – fun to be around, self-confidence, humor, dominance, etc.

Conclusion: How to be a challenge

When you initially accommodated an adorable woman, you’d wish her to accept the consequence that you’re not like the added guys she meets. So don’t access with a acclaim or a come-on.

Don’t put a woman on a pedestal. Don’t kiss a woman’s a$$ or do things to amuse her. Including affairs her things to win her affection.

Don’t blow or appearance off to affect a woman. This communicates to her you’re afraid and needy.

Don’t put up with a woman’s BS. Disagree with her if she’s in the wrong. And apprentice to abort or say “no” – that means, do things for a babe because you wish to and not because she asks you to.

And as you act aloof to a woman, authenticate your audacious qualities… example, appearance self-confidence, dominance, assertiveness, etc.

You should aswell apprehension her chops or playfully badinage with her to back to her you’re not like the guys she’s acclimated to ambidextrous with.

When you non-verbally acquaint to a woman that you’re the prize, and accordingly has to plan for your affection, you’ll access your attractiveness. And she will be the one block you instead.

So, to conclude… if you accommodated an adorable woman, act as if you are not absolutely absorbed in her, but strive to cull her to you by announcement adorable MANLY mannerisms and behaviors.

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